Farm to Table Brunch: Father's Day

Sunday, June 16, 2013, our culinary crew will put on a delicious farm to table father’s day brunch to celebrate the most important man in your life.

Join us from 10am-2pm. $9.99 per person.


The S.S. BAZAAR is a project brought to you by The Coffee House and Cafe. It’s a friday night farmer’s market in Norton Shores that has a craft beer tent, food trucks, live bands and 30+ vendors from all over Michigan. It happens every friday night starting at 3pm – 10pm. June 7, 2013 is the Grand Opening! 

Vendor Applications are now open! Please download the vendor application by clicking this link: BAZAAR VENDOR APPLICATION



Weekends at the Cafe is back April 27th & 28th and this weekend we will be transforming the cafe into a parisian creperie.

We’ll be handmaking our crepes from scratch and sourcing mostly local and all natural meats, greens, and cheeses. 







Farm to Table Brunch on Sunday starts at 10am! Our partner farms this week are Crestwick Farms in Ravenna and Liberty Family Farm in Hart.Image


One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is the food. Particularly the street food. In my opinion, it is often the streets of large metros that I’ve found some of the most interesting dishes. I’ve spent many late nights eating my way down alleys in Beijing, Bogota and Bangkok and my god does it make the basic restaurants that are littered on every corner in our communities seem so….uninteresting.


I’ve wanted to bring street food culture to West Michigan for awhile. I attempted at this a year ago by focusing on developing infrastructure, which proved difficult & very expensive. You can find out more about that project here: Project Intermodal. Then I decided to just go create the dishes myself. First, I needed the right chef; someone who understood what we’re trying to create. We found an amazing one from Grand Rapids, I’ll formally introduce him soon. Then we needed a space and a community that we think is ready for it. Hi Muskegon. Hope you like what we’re doing.

Each Weekend, our culinary team transforms the Cafe into an authentic cultural experience by introducing popular food dishes from around the world. Join us as we transport you around the globe to experience the smells, tastes and sounds of the most interesting and delicious street food experiences.

APRIL 13th



On Sunday, the Cafe partners with a local farm for our Farm to Table Brunch.

Soon to be the best brunch spot on the lakeshore.



I’m a big fan of wine. My journey through wine began several years ago by getting to know the cool folks at Bar Divani in Grand Rapids, as well as Martha’s Vineyard. Slowly I began to understand the complexity of the different varietals, the chemical process behind the fermentation, what may lead to faults in the wine and also what brings it to a harmonious fusion. My palette grew to love some regions and shied away from others. As my friends can attest, I love a few regions in France, as that is almost all I drink now. There is nothing better, and reasonably accessible, than enjoying a 2005 chateauneuf du pape on a breezy fall evening with the windows open, the sun setting and Walking Dead on the tube. But I digress.

Coffee is just as interesting as wine. Region, soil, harvest and brewing methods bring out unbelievable complexities in the fruit.

A few of our crew recently spent some time with our friends at Rowsters Coffee in Grand Rapids. Rowsters imports the highest quality raw bean they can find and they roast it to near perfection before carefully brewing one of the best cups of coffee we’ve ever tasted.

We learned how this brewing process works and are proud to now offer Rowster’s New American Coffee as a pourover in the Cafe.

What is a pourover?

photo (16)

sarah, being a boss.

photo (14)

brew basics

A pourover is a slow drip method of brewing coffee that originally started in Japan. The water is poured in a thin, steady, slow stream over a filter cone. The method brews a single cup of coffee designed to bring out all of the textures and notes of the varietal.

We are currently featuring Rowster’s Nicaragua and Birundi coffees. Ask us to brew one for you or grab a bag for your home.